Low Light Hanging Plants

Sharon Gandy
36 min readMar 18, 2024



If you’re someone who’s always looking to add a touch of green to your space, but you’re living in a dwelling where sunlight is scarce, you’ve just been given a fresh perspective on hanging gardens. Low light hanging plants are the perfect companion for those spaces that seem inhospitable to anything more than moss.

Welcome to our round-up of the best low light hanging plants, featuring a range of easy-to-care-for and visually stunning options that won’t make you beg for sun. Get ready to transform any corner into a lush haven — no green thumb required!

The Top 31 Best Low Light Hanging Plants

  1. Stylish and Rare Philodendron Moonlight Houseplant for Indoor Spaces — Elegant and rare, the Philodendron Moonlight is an air-purifying houseplant with striking light-green foliage and coarse leaves, perfect for large leaf enthusiasts who appreciate easy indoor plant care.
  2. Inviting Spider Plant 3-pack: Elegant Home Addition for Green Symphony — Enchanting Spider Plants: 3 Live Starter Plants in 2 inch Pots, Chlorophytum Comosum, Invite Hassle-Free Nature’s Green Symphony into Your Home and Heart!
  3. Beautiful Enchanting String of Turtles Hanging Basket Plants — Indulge in the captivating elegance of the String of Turtles hanging basket, the ultimate conversation-starter for your indoor oasis.
  4. Easy-to-Care String of Pearls Succulent for Hanging or Gifting — Sprout N Green’s 4" String of Pearls, a rare trailing succulent, offers an elegant hanging plant solution for any indoor setting.
  5. Hanging “String of Bananas” Trailing Succulent Plant — Bring easy-to-care-for, fast-growing “String of Bananas” succulent vine indoors or outdoors for a tropical touch and improved air quality without spending much maintenance.
  6. Stylish, Drought-Tolerant Live Indoor Succulent for Hanging — The Element by Altman Portulacaria Afra Hanging Succulent, with its lush emerald green foliage and versatile growth habits, is the perfect addition to any indoor garden, offering easy care and stunning year-round visual appeal.
  7. Easy-to-Maintain Low Light Hanging Plants for Terrariums — Brighten up your space with these charming low light hanging plants, Pilea Depressa, boasting gorgeous medium green leaves and effortless care requirements.
  8. Elegant Succulent Hanging Basket with Multicolor String of Pearls — Enhance your home decor with ease and elegance as the Smart Planet 6 in. Assorted String of Pearls Hanging Basket Plant, a low-maintenance gem perfect for indoor or patio bright areas.
  9. Stunning Indoor Hanging Planter — 4 String of Bananas Senecio Plants — Discover the easy-to-grow and vibrant Senecio plant with its banana-shaped foliage, perfect for adding a unique touch to any indoor space with its trailing, decorative beauty.
  10. Succulent String of Dolphins for Lush Indoor Growth — Bring a playful touch to your indoor space with the Altman Plants Element by Altman Senecio Peregrinus String of Dolphins Succulent in Hanging Basket — a unique cascading succulent perfect for creating a lush, peaceful retreat.
  11. Hanging Pearls Live Plant for Indoor Decor — Experience the mesmerizing beauty of the String of Pearls live plant, with its cascading spherical pearl-like leaves, perfect for a unique hanging basket or plant arrangement.
  12. Exotic Angel Assorted Foliage Hanging Plant for Indoor Spaces — Impressively versatile, the Costa Farms Exotic Angel Assorted Foliage plant in a hanging basket offers an easy-to-grow, air-purifying option for transforming any indoor space with vibrant color and texture.
  13. Stylish Monstera Swiss Cheese Hanging Plant Basket — Elevate your indoor space with the stunning Swiss Cheese Monstera plant, boasting mesmerizing perforated leaves and impressive growth potential in a hanging basket.
  14. Beautiful Hanging Crassula Pellucida Succulent — Transform your space with a water-wise, low maintenance 6-inch Crassula Pellucida hanging succulent plant that brings tranquility, productivity, and happiness to your indoor or outdoor sanctuary.
  15. Stylish Green Aglaonema Crystal Bay Plant in Grower’s Pot — Aglaonema Crystal Bay: Elegant, low-maintenance indoor plant with variegated shades of green and silver, ideal for small spaces and air purification. Perfect for beginners and offices.
  16. Stylish, Easy-to-Grow Goldfish Plant for Hanging Basket — Brighten up any space with this frost-tender goldfish plant, blooming year-round in 9GreenBox’s 6-inch hanging basket!
  17. Easy-to-Care Golden Pothos Vine Plant with Air-Purifying Properties — Introducing the American Plant Exchange Golden Pothos Vine, the ultimate low-maintenance, air-purifying companion for any home, perfect for beginners and effortlessly easy to care for.
  18. Elegant Air-Purifying Marble Queen Pothos Plant in Hanging Basket — Revive your environment and decorate in style with the Marble Queen Pothos Plant in a premium 6 in. hanging basket.
  19. Swiss Cheese Plant: Easy-to-Care-For, Hanging Indoor Vine — Bring nature indoors with the easy-to-care-for, 12 in. Tropical Foliage Swiss Cheese Monstera Adansonii Plant in hanging basket, perfect for beginners and purifying the air.
  20. Stylish and Easy-to-Care-For Golden Pothos Hanging Basket — Revive your indoor space with Lowe’s 6-inch Golden Pothos Hanging Basket — a low-maintenance, stylish plant that removes toxins and adds elegance to your environment.
  21. Beautiful, Variegated Creeping Fig Houseplant for Vivid Indoor Gardens — Cover your walls in beauty with Josh’s Frogs Ficus Pumila Variegata ‘Creeping Fig’ vine — a stunning, variegated houseplant perfect for container gardens, vivariums, and thriving in humid conditions.
  22. Hanging Vine Plant: String of Frogs — Ficus Quercifolia — Hirt’s Gardens String of Frogs — Ficus Quercifolia — Hanging Basket boasts unique, lobed, deep green leaves and an easy-to-care-for growth habit, making it an ideal choice for hanging terrariums, topiaries, and elegant indoor space.
  23. Adorable Red Prayer Plant: Low Maintenance, Pet-Friendly Indoor Houseplant — Experience the captivating beauty of the Red Prayer Plant with this easy-to-grow, low-maintenance, and pet-friendly houseplant, perfect for both beginners and enthusiasts alike.
  24. Indoor-Outdoor Decorative Hanging Fern Plant — Bring nature indoors with a Boston fern hanging planter, providing both visual pleasure and air-purifying benefits — perfect for pet owners and low light spaces.
  25. Rainbow Elephant Bush Succulent Live Plant Hanging Basket — Brighten up your space with the Low Light Hanging Plants, a beautiful and durable Portulacaria Afra Variegata live plant that effortlessly adds a touch of color and charm to your patio or indoor garden.
  26. Pink Princess Hanging Plant for Low Light Areas — Brighten up your space with the charming Tradescantia Pink Princess Hanging, a versatile low light option that thrives with a bit of sun and occasional care.
  27. Vibrant Philodendron Neon Cordatum for Home or Office — Brighten up your space with the vibrant Philodendron Neon Cordatum, a 2" pot-sized, low-light hanging plant that’s perfect for any occasion and ready to root in your home or office.
  28. Stunning, Unique String of Turtles Succulent Hanging Basket — Brighten up any space with the unique and captivating string of turtles plant in a 6-in hanging basket, perfect for displaying its tiny turtle-shell leaves in or outside your home.
  29. Classic Variegata Spider Plant in a 6in Hanging Basket — Bring a touch of grace and greenery to any space with the easy-to-care-for, pet-safe Spider Plant in a stylish 6in hanging basket, perfect for low light areas.
  30. Decorative Peperomia Prostrata for Low Light Hanging Plants — Experience the unique beauty of Peperomia prostrata with its enchanting peace sign-like leaves, perfect for low light hanging plants in terrariums, fairy gardens, or as a houseplant, making it easy to grow and care for.
  31. Silver Lady Scindapsus Plant: Stunning Hanging Trailing Exotic Greenery — Add a touch of sophistication to your home with the Scindapsus Silver Lady, a beautiful and easy-to-care-for exotic plant that thrives in bright indirect light and requires occasional watering.

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🔗Stylish and Rare Philodendron Moonlight Houseplant for Indoor Spaces


I’ve been eagerly growing Philodendron Moonlight in my home, and let me tell you, it’s been an absolute joy! This rare indoor air-purifying houseplant is not only easy to care for but also adds a touch of exotic beauty to any space.

One of the features I love about this Philodendron is its vibrant new leaves- a striking yellow-green chartreuse color. The foliage does tend to get coarser with age, but that just makes it all the more interesting to watch it mature. The light-green leaves are perfect for adding a fresh look to your indoor garden.

While it’s a low-growing, shrubby plant, it can grow quite large over time- reaching up to 20–24 inches high and 20–26 inches wide. I’ve found that it does best in positions with dappled sunlight or very early morning sun, avoiding direct sunlight to prevent leaf burn.

The Philodendron Moonlight also loves loose, well-drained soil that’s high in organic matter. Sphagnum peat moss is great, and soilless mixtures like peat-vermiculite or peat-perlite work well too. Just remember to wait till the top inch of soil dries out between waterings to maintain its optimal health.

However, I did notice some user concerns about plants arriving damaged or mislabeled. Be sure to examine your plant’s condition upon arrival and follow the right care instructions to keep it thriving.

Overall, I’ve found the Philodendron Moonlight to be a fantastic addition to my indoor garden, providing not only aesthetic pleasure but also fresh, clean air.

🔗Inviting Spider Plant 3-pack: Elegant Home Addition for Green Symphony


Embracing the captivating allure of the Spider Plant, I invited three of these enchanting green dynamos into my home. The delicate brown pots, each containing a 2-inch spider plant, arrived in perfect condition and made for a charming addition to my indoor garden.

As I began to take care of these botanical beauties, I was pleasantly surprised by their ease of maintenance. The Spider Plant’s non-fragrant aura and medium light requirements make it an ideal choice for those who may not have a green thumb. The plants themselves exuded a serene, soothing presence that enhanced the overall atmosphere of my home.

One aspect that stood out was their maturity size. At 24 inches in both height and width, these Spider Plants would be perfect for a corner or large window ledge that needs a splash of verdant charm.

However, I must mention a minor drawback — one that may not be a problem for everyone, but it’s worth mentioning for potential buyers. According to the product specifications, Spider Plants are not safe for pets. So, those of you who have furry friends at home might want to consider different options.

Overall, my experience with these live Spider Plants has been a delightful one. Their enchanting presence and low-maintenance requirements make them a welcome addition to any home. As I watch them grow and thrive, I’m looking forward to many more joyous moments spent amidst this natural green symphony.

🔗Beautiful Enchanting String of Turtles Hanging Basket Plants


Experience the delight of the String of Turtles plant, now available in an enchanting hanging basket. After using the product, what stood out to me was the graceful elegance it brought to my space, along with its drought-tolerant nature, making it a low-maintenance addition to my indoor oasis.

The included hanging nursery pot of 4.5 inches adds a touch of sophistication to the already extraordinary beauty of the plant. However, one downside I noticed was that the container’s color can be a bit monotonous, which could be improved with more diverse options.

Overall, the String of Turtles hanging basket is a stunning conversation-starter, and I dare anyone to resist its charm.

🔗Easy-to-Care String of Pearls Succulent for Hanging or Gifting


I recently added a Sprout N Green 4" String of Pearls to my home office, and I must say, it’s been a pleasant addition. The plant comes in a 4-inch starter pot with succulent and cacti soil mix, making it easy to establish and care for. The pearl-like leaves are not only unique in appearance but also make it easier to care for, as the plant is a fast grower and can be easily propagated from stems cuttings.

The String of Pearls is a low-maintenance trailing succulent, perfect for hanging spaces. It can thrive in partial shade but does require some indirect bright sunlight to truly shine. I appreciate that the package comes with all the necessary information to ensure the plant’s success, such as watering recommendations and ideal location.

While the plant itself is a beauty, the packaging could use some improvement. The pot and soil mix were a bit loose during transportation, which may cause some leaves to fall off. However, this issue is easily remedied with some gentle care upon arrival.

Overall, I’m happy with my purchase of the Sprout N Green 4" String of Pearls. Its unique appearance adds a touch of elegance to any space, and the ease of care makes it a great choice for both novice and experienced gardeners alike.

🔗Hanging “String of Bananas” Trailing Succulent Plant


I recently acquired one of these stunning Senecio radicans, or “String of Bananas” hanging succulents for my home office, and I have to say, it has become one of my favorite houseplants. The long, cascading vines with their unique, banana-shaped leaves are not only visually appealing, but also incredibly easy to care for.

What stood out to me was how low maintenance these plants are, making them the perfect addition for any beginner gardener. They only require watering once every 3–4 weeks, but it’s crucial not to overdo it, as root rot can occur from too much water. The plant’s natural environment is also quite forgiving, allowing it to thrive in indirect light and a range of temperatures between 50–85 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, I must warn potential buyers that overwatering, direct sunlight, and not providing adequate drainage can lead to serious issues with these plants. Even though they are low-maintenance, it’s essential to give them the right care and conditions for optimal growth.

Despite these minor drawbacks, I’ve come to truly appreciate the versatility and aesthetic appeal of this hanging collection string of bananas succulent. Its ability to adapt to different environments and improve air quality adds to its appeal, making it an excellent choice for any indoor space.

🔗Stylish, Drought-Tolerant Live Indoor Succulent for Hanging


Last week, I finally got my hands on the Element by Altman’s Portulacaria Afra Hanging Succulent. Truth be told, I didn’t know what to expect, but after a few days of trying it out, I have to say, it impressed me! The plant itself is a sight to behold, with those emerald green succulent leaves cascading over the sides of the reddish brown stem.

One of the best things about this plant is how easy it is to care for. It’s known as a backbone plant of the succulent garden, thanks to its tolerance for neglect and dry conditions, and its ability to thrive under full sun. I have a patio that gets ample sunlight, and I’ve noticed it’s really started to grow and look very healthy.

The plant came in a 6-inch grower pot, ready for hanging, with no assembly necessary, which is great for busy folks like me. The instructions said it would grow to 2 to 3 feet high and 3 feet wide, so I’ll have to find a good spot for it where it won’t obstruct the view.

Overall, I’d say this hanging succulent is an excellent choice for anyone looking to liven up their indoor space. It’s easy to care for and looks absolutely stunning. Just be sure to hang it in a bright area with some well-draining soil, and you’ll be off to a great start.

🔗Easy-to-Maintain Low Light Hanging Plants for Terrariums


In the world of indoor plants, Pilea depressa, also known as the large leaf baby tears, has gained quite the reputation for its low-light hanging capabilities. These small plants are the perfect adornment for a terrarium or fairy garden, with their rounded medium green leaves creating a miniature, leafy paradise.

The Pilea depressa thrives in bright, indirect light and requires water only when the soil starts to feel dry. It’s important to note that these plants are sensitive, so you’ll want to be gentle when trimming and feeding them. A general-purpose houseplant food works wonders for this delicate plant, just ensure you follow the package directions.

One of the standout aspects of the Pilea depressa is its versatility. It can be placed in a hanging basket or a small pot, making it a fantastic choice for any indoor space seeking a touch of greenery. However, it’s not without its challenges. The plants might not quite match the descriptions or photos you find online, but with the right care, you can enjoy their unique beauty in your very own home.

In conclusion, if you’re searching for an indoor plant that can handle low-light conditions, the Pilea depressa, or the large leaf baby tears, is an excellent choice. Though they can be a bit tricky to maintain, the payoff is a stunningly cute and low-maintenance addition to your indoor garden.

🔗Elegant Succulent Hanging Basket with Multicolor String of Pearls


Living with a bit of greenery in our spaces can bring so much more life and positivity, and the String of Pearls hanging basket from Smart Planet helps achieve just that. Easy to maintain and naturally trailing, I’ve found it’s perfect for brightly lit areas — whether inside or outdoors.

The plastic container makes it lightweight and easy to hang but still sturdy enough to carry succulent plants. The String of Pearls, or Senecio radicans as it is scientifically known, is so charming with its multicolor foliage and unique form. It’s a low-maintenance, deer-resistant plant that doesn’t attract many pests, and is safe for kids and pets.

However, one aspect I noticed is that it requires less watering than most hanging baskets, which may take some adjustment for those accustomed to watering their plants more frequently. Despite this, the String of Pearls continues to be a simple and elegant addition to any environment.

🔗Stunning Indoor Hanging Planter — 4 String of Bananas Senecio Plants


I recently purchased a set of four Senecio plants and I’m impressed with their unique banana-like foliage that adds a refreshing touch to my indoor décor. This low-maintenance plant adds a pop of color and intrigue, and I love how it hangs down, showcasing its vibrant trails. The glossy leaves are not only visually appealing, but they also add texture to any vertical planter or basket.

As a bonus, these plants can be placed in a decorative pot and placed on a shelf or ledge, creating an eye-catching display. The grower pots are a perfect size for easily fitting into any space, and they have a sleek black color that complements the plant’s foliage and adds a touch of elegance.

One thing I noticed is that the plants do not produce any fragrance, which is worth considering if you’re looking for an aromatic addition to your home. Additionally, these plants are not pet-friendly, so be cautious if you have any furry friends that tend to nibble on plants.

Overall, I’m thrilled with my purchase of the Senecio plants and they’ve become a favorite addition to my indoor garden.

🔗Succulent String of Dolphins for Lush Indoor Growth


The Altman Plants Element by Altman Senecio Peregrinus String of Dolphins was actually one of my first dips into the world of succulents and I must say, it was a fun one. Its unique name is matched only by its equally unique appearance. Imagine a plant where every leaf is shaped like a dolphin, leaping and twisting, suspended by long, trailing stems.

One of the things that really stood out to me was how easy care was aided with this plant. The grower pot comes with precise instructions, telling you exactly how much water to give and when. Additionally, it doesn’t mind the weather too much, being recommended for all seasons, except for winter.

However, there was one part that left me a bit disappointed. Despite the product description claiming the precise length of trailing stems from plant to plant, the one I received wasn’t fully rooted in the pot, making it look a bit unkempt.

Another small downside was the delivery. The packaging, while functional, could have been of better quality. One of my dolphin-shaped leaves arrived a bit smushed, but the seller immediately replied with an offer for a replacement.

Nevertheless, overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with this plant, especially the joy it brought when I hung it up, and the satisfaction I felt as I saw new sprouts start to emerge. It’s a unique addition to any indoor landscape, making it a great choice for anyone looking for a plant that’s not just pretty but also a delightful conversation starter.

🔗Hanging Pearls Live Plant for Indoor Decor


Imagine walking into your humble abode and instantly being transported to a lush, tropical paradise. That’s the magic of the String of Pearls succulent vine.

This amazing gift isn’t just a plant, it’s an oasis in a pot that brightens up any room at first sight. But the experience doesn’t stop there, theString of Pearls is also incredibly easy to care for, making it a perfect companion for even the most green-thumb-challenged among us.

🔗Exotic Angel Assorted Foliage Hanging Plant for Indoor Spaces


Imagine coming home after a long day to find a burst of color in your living space, all thanks to the Costa Farms 6.6 Inch Exotic Angel Assorted Foliage Plant in Hanging Basket. This little gem adds a splash of personality to your indoor decor with its green foliage and moderate growth. As an air-purifying plant, it’s not just aesthetically pleasing but also helps improve the quality of the air in your home.

Planting this beauty is a breeze, with spring to fall being the best time. It’s a low-maintenance plant that’s easy to grow and make your own. You can hang it, stand it, or even place it on a tabletop — it’s incredibly versatile. And with a wide variety of plants to choose from, you’re sure to find one that suits your unique taste and lifestyle.

But remember, this plant isn’t pet-friendly, so it’s best kept out of reach of curious furry friends. Also, water it once a week to keep it thriving. Overall, the Costa Farms 6.6 Inch Exotic Angel Assorted Foliage Plant in Hanging Basket is a welcome addition to any home, offering both style and practicality in one handy package.

🔗Stylish Monstera Swiss Cheese Hanging Plant Basket


I recently added the Altman Plants Swiss Cheese Monstera hanging basket to my home, and I must say, it’s a beauty! This little plant really brings a unique touch to any space. The green foliage with the perforations is truly fascinating, and it’s hard to resist taking a closer look at its leaves.

As for maintenance, I found this Monstera to be quite low-maintenance, which is perfect for someone like me who doesn’t have a green thumb. The care instructions provided are easy to follow, and with the occasional watering, it seems to be thriving.

However, there was one minor issue I faced. The container it arrived in is made of plastic, which doesn’t exactly match the aesthetic of the plant. But overall, the pros definitely outweigh the cons. The Altman Plants Swiss Cheese Monstera is a delightful addition to my indoor garden and has quickly become a favorite.

🔗Beautiful Hanging Crassula Pellucida Succulent


I recently added a Live Hanging Succulent — the Crassula Pellucida, also known as the String of Pearls, to my indoor space. Not only did it instantly spruce up the area, but caring for it has been a breeze.

The low maintenance nature of this succulent means I only need to water it once every 2–3 weeks, and it thrives in minimal water. This succulent is a water-wise plant that requires significantly less water compared to other plants needing daily watering.

It’s a perfect addition to any space, indoors or out. The Crassula Pellucida adds a calming, relaxing touch while boosting productivity, mood, and creating a sense of gratitude. If you’re like me and want a plant that’s easy to care for, this succulent is the perfect choice.

🔗Stylish Green Aglaonema Crystal Bay Plant in Grower’s Pot


Bring a touch of elegance and nature indoors with Nature’s Way Farms Aglaonema Crystal Bay, a striking indoor plant perfect for small spaces like offices or homes. With its stunning variegated leaves boasting hues of green and silver, this plant is a lovely addition that requires minimal effort from you. Despite being low maintenance, this plant also impresses with its ability to purify the air in your living space, perfect for improving your overall indoor air quality.

In my experience, the Aglaonema Crystal Bay was a delight to have around. Its compact size made it ideal for my small office desk, and its air-purifying qualities provided a subtle yet positive impact on the room air. Watering it was a breeze, and its ability to grow well even in low-light conditions made it a practical choice for busy beginners. However, while its adaptability was fantastic, I also observed that it could be a bit more sensitive to freezing temperatures during winter shipments.

Overall, the Aglaonema Crystal Bay is an excellent low-maintenance indoor plant that not only adds beauty to your space but also brings several health benefits with it. Just be mindful of the cold temperatures during winter when ordering to ensure the plant arrives in its full glory.

🔗Stylish, Easy-to-Grow Goldfish Plant for Hanging Basket


When I received the Ohio Grown Goldfish Plant from 9GreenBox, I was excited to see its vibrant orange flowers and lush greenery. Not only did it look stunning in the photos, but the reviews I’d read also painted a positive picture of the plant’s features.

As I began to care for the plant, I noticed that it thrived in a bright, filtered environment, as described in the highlights. The plant’s unique goldfish-like blooms appeared quite frequently, adding a unique touch to my home. One downside was that the plant’s care instructions could’ve been more explicit, as I found myself trying to balance between too much and too little watering.

My experience with the goldfish plant wasn’t without some hiccups, as I encountered a few damaged leaves and stems upon arrival. However, overall, I was pleasantly surprised with the plant’s performance and the fact that it lived up to its reputation as a classic hanging basket plant.

While it’s essential to understand that the plant’s sizes and shapes may vary from the pictures shown, this minor concern didn’t detract from my enjoyment of the goldfish plant. With proper care and attention, this vibrant, tropical beauty can thrive both indoors and outdoors, and bring a touch of the exotic to any space.

🔗Easy-to-Care Golden Pothos Vine Plant with Air-Purifying Properties


Eager to transform my living space with a touch of nature, I decided to invest in the American Plant Exchange’s Golden Pothos Vine. With the promise of being easy to care for and perfect for beginners, I brought home a 6-inch pot brimming with this air-purifying plant.

Upon unboxing, my plant seemed a little sad with some yellowing leaves and slightly damaged ones. However, I was impressed with the sturdy pot it came in, making it ideal for indoors and providing a good foundation for my new companion.

The Golden Pothos showed off its characteristic pointed, heart-shaped leaves, but I noticed it didn’t resemble the photo much in terms of fullness and trailing vines. Despite this, I appreciated its ability to thrive with minimal attention.

My plant has grown stronger and healthier over time, with the air-purifying feature becoming more noticeable as it adapted to my environment. It has been a great addition to my living space, and it’s a pleasure to see it grow.

In conclusion, the American Plant Exchange’s Golden Pothos Vine comes with a few imperfections, but it’s a resilient and visually appealing plant that thrives indoors. Keeping in mind the occasional challenges in shipping, this golden pothos is a low-maintenance and beautiful addition to any home.

🔗Elegant Air-Purifying Marble Queen Pothos Plant in Hanging Basket


The Marble Queen Pothos plant in a 6-inch hanging basket is a low-maintenance addition to any space. As I’ve had the opportunity to add this plant to my home, I’ve grown fond of its unique and elegant appearance, which has added a touch of sophistication to any corner.

This plant doesn’t require much attention, making it an ideal choice for those who may forget to tend to their greenery. I’ve noticed it thrives in shady to partial shade areas, which has made it a perfect fit for my living space. The removable hook included with the hanging basket allows for easy placement and relocation.

One of the most impressive features of this plant is its air purifying properties. As I continue to care for it, I have seen it bring lush splendor and an inviting atmosphere to my home. In my experience, the Marble Queen Pothos plant is a handsome and hardy companion that thrives in a wide variety of environments.

🔗Swiss Cheese Plant: Easy-to-Care-For, Hanging Indoor Vine


During my search for a low-maintenance hanging plant to fill my office space, I stumbled upon the Swiss cheese plant in a hanging basket. It’s a perfect fit for the corner near my window, which gets plenty of indirect light, but not too much.

This Monstera adansonii is a dream come true for anyone who’s new to plant care. It’s incredibly easy to care for and doesn’t demand much attention, which is great for forgetful plant owners like me. What makes this even better is that it grows quite quickly from spring to early fall.

But let’s talk about its most distinctive feature — those large oval-shaped perforations that give it the Swiss cheese name. It’s like having a tropical foliage sculpture hanging just above my desk, and it truly brings life to the room.

And as a bonus, Monstera adansonii is also an excellent air purifier, so I know I’m not just admiring it — I’m actually improving the air quality in my office.

Of course, hanging plants are not for everyone, especially if you have pets. The Swiss cheese plant can be unsafe for pets, so keep that in mind before making your purchase.

Overall, the Swiss cheese plant in this hanging basket has been a great addition to my indoor garden. It’s easy to care for, grows quickly, and looks stunning. I can’t wait to see how it grows and fills the space even more.

🔗Stylish and Easy-to-Care-For Golden Pothos Hanging Basket


I recently added the Lowe’s 6-inch Golden Pothos Hanging Basket to my home office, and it’s been a lovely addition. Not only does it bring a touch of elegance to my workspace, but it also adds some much-needed serenity to my surroundings. The plant itself is incredibly low-maintenance, which is perfect for someone like me who struggles to remember to water my plants.

One of the things I loved most about this Golden Pothos hanging basket is how easily it blended into my office’s decor. Its green plastic pot and cascading vines with glossy leaves have an organic feel that balances well with the modern furniture I have. The plant itself is quite hardy and thrives in partial sunlight, making it a great choice for indoor spaces.

However, I must say that the plastic pot and its removal hook feel a bit flimsy. I’d prefer something sturdier, as I’m concerned it might get damaged and affect the plant’s health. While it’s nice that the basket is low maintenance, I wish the pot were a bit more durable, as it’s the one part that’s visible and should appear more sturdy.

Overall, the Lowe’s 6-inch Golden Pothos Hanging Basket is a fantastic addition to any indoor space, but I do hope they consider improving the pot’s durability in future versions.

🔗Beautiful, Variegated Creeping Fig Houseplant for Vivid Indoor Gardens


I’ve been using the Creeping Fig in my indoor garden for quite some time now and it never fails to impress. The variegated vines are unlike anything I’ve seen, making it a real eye-catcher. The small, light green and white leaves give a miniature look to the plant and it’s perfect for fairy gardens.

One of the best features is its versatility. It’s great as a houseplant, thriving in containers, terrariums, or hanging baskets. The easy pruning makes it a breeze to manage. But what I love the most is its adaptability to a wide range of environments — from bright, indirect light to part or full sun.

However, it does come with a bit of a maintenance requirement. It needs plenty of water to stay healthy, especially in high humidity conditions. But if you’re up for it, the payoff is a lush, trailing plant that adds a unique touch to any indoor space.

Overall, the Creeping Fig is a must-have for any indoor gardening enthusiast looking to add a touch of exotic beauty to their home.

🔗Hanging Vine Plant: String of Frogs — Ficus Quercifolia


I recently decided to add a touch of whimsy to my terrarium with the Hirt’s Gardens String of Frogs. The petite deep green leaves in the hanging basket instantly caught my attention-each one so intricately lobed it resembled a tiny frog. This string of frogs, despite its name, is a bit more on the clumping side, which makes it perfect for my small terrarium setup.

I placed the pot in a spot with bright indirect light, where it gets plenty of sun without being scorched. The plant also seemed quite happy with the even moisture levels, as I noticed it thriving with very minimal maintenance.

Overall, the Hirt’s Gardens String of Frogs has been a delightful addition to my terrarium. The visual interest it adds, along with its low-maintenance nature, makes it a great choice for anyone looking for a unique hanging vine plant.

🔗Adorable Red Prayer Plant: Low Maintenance, Pet-Friendly Indoor Houseplant


I recently had the pleasure of adding the Rooted Greenery Red Prayer Plant to my collection of houseplants. This charming little plant not only adds a touch of exotic flair to your indoor space, but also offers the promise of effortless growth and care. One of the most appealing features of this plant is its adaptability to various lighting conditions, making it a low-maintenance addition to any home.

One thing that stands out about this plant is how it has thrived under my care, despite my history of being a bit of a plant-killer. It has proven to be very forgiving, requiring only weekly watering and a bit of patience. The plant’s height of approximately 14 inches is perfect for adding some depth to a shelf or table.

While there are some pros to this plant, such as its low-maintenance nature and pet-friendliness, there are also a few cons to consider. The plant’s leaves can turn yellow relatively quickly if not cared for properly, so some level of vigilance is required to keep it looking its best.

Overall, the Rooted Greenery Red Prayer Plant has been a delightful addition to my home. It’s easy to care for, adds a touch of the exotic, and is a great choice for beginners or those who don’t have a green thumb. I highly recommend this plant for anyone looking to bring some life to their indoor space.

🔗Indoor-Outdoor Decorative Hanging Fern Plant


I recently tried the Hanging Boston Fern Live Plant, a beautiful house plant that adds a touch of nature to any space. The 6-inch black hanging planter, adorned with a lush fern, is versatile and can be placed indoors or outside. This hanging plant not only cleans the air but also serves as an eye-catching decor piece, making it perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, and porches.

What stood out to me is the fact that it’s pet-friendly, which is important for pet owners like myself. The low light plant requirements also make it a low-maintenance addition to any home or office. While it may require some patience to grow and thrive, the Boston fern’s lush appearance is well worth the effort.

🔗Rainbow Elephant Bush Succulent Live Plant Hanging Basket


As a lover of lush greenery, I instantly fell for this little treasure, the Element by Altman Plants 6" Portulacaria Afra Variegata. Imagine my delight when it arrived in perfect condition, not a single bruise or broken leaf!

The first thing that caught my eye was its beautiful variegated foliage. It’s a stunning balance of yellow and green that adds a touch of elegance to any space. Not only is it a feast for the eyes, but it’s also a sturdy little succulent that can handle full sun or thrive in shadier spots, making it a versatile addition to my patio.

What I also appreciate is the ease of care. It’s a hard-to-kill plant, and it’s not fussy about water either — a trait that’s perfect for my forgetful green thumb. And oh, the lovely mahogany red stems? They add a touch of sophistication that makes this plant stand out.

Despite its delicate appearance, this little succulent has a hidden strength. It handles neglect and dry conditions like a pro, making it the ideal plant for those who struggle to keep their green babies alive. Plus, the rainbow elephant bush, as it’s fondly called, grows up to 3 feet wide, so it’s a perfect candidate for a hanging basket.

However, there’s one tiny drawback — it’s not the best for indoor spaces with low light conditions. But fear not, it’s a delightful plant to have outdoors where it can bask in the sun.

Overall, this plant is a winner for me. Its beauty, resilience, and ease of care make it a standout in my garden. If you’re in the market for a hardy, low-maintenance succulent that brings joy and a touch of the tropics to your space, this little gem is the one for you.

🔗Pink Princess Hanging Plant for Low Light Areas


Recently, I decided to bring some life into my living room and stumbled across the Tradescantia Pink Princess hanging plant. At first, the bright pink hue was too pretty to resist. I placed it in a relatively bright area, to ensure those vibrant colors didn’t fade away. However, I soon learned that this beauty needs a bit more attention than I initially thought.

Despite my well-lit space, I noticed that the growth became a bit leggy. This meant I had to constantly trim and maintain it, which wasn’t as relaxing as I hoped. Additionally, when repotting some of the cuttings, I realized that creating a more lush plant would require a bit more patience than usual.

The pink Tradescantia enjoyed the organic mix soil and needed to be kept slightly moist, without becoming soggy. This required a bit of experimenting to figure out the perfect watering schedule. I also came across a slow-release fertilizer that I’ve been using to provide some extra nutrients.

Overall, the Tradescantia Pink Princess brought color and life to my living space, but it required a bit more care and attention than I initially anticipated. However, the beautiful pink color and the unique nature of the plant made it all worth it. So, if you’re ready to take on a little challenge and love a pop of pink, this hanging plant might just be for you.

🔗Vibrant Philodendron Neon Cordatum for Home or Office


I recently had the pleasure of receiving a Philodendron Neon Cordatum from California Tropicals, and let me tell you, it was a stunning addition to my indoor garden. The plant arrived in a 2-inch pot, with beautiful roots already established. The pictures on the website were an accurate representation of what I got, which I appreciate.

One of the highlights of this plant was its adaptability to low light settings. The moment I placed it in my office, it began to thrive. The Neon Cordatum also offered a unique hanging feature, making it a perfect addition to any indoor space. Its vibrant color made it a standout, brightening up the room.

However, the one downside I experienced was the slower growth rate compared to my previous Philodendrons. Nonetheless, this did not impact the overall health of the plant, which continued to grow and flourish in its new environment.

In conclusion, the Philodendron Neon Cordatum from California Tropicals was a lovely pick for my indoor gardens. Its ease of care and adaptability impressed me, and I can’t wait to add more to my collection.

🔗Stunning, Unique String of Turtles Succulent Hanging Basket


Experience the charm of the string of turtles, also known as Peperomia prostrata, with its unique variegated vine filled with leaves that resemble the signature green shells of these cute little aquatic creatures. Its bright trailing vines make it an ideal addition to any corner of your home, patio, or garden as it reaches up to 12 inches long.

The best part, your new turtle friend loves hanging out in a 6-inch-deep hanging basket, perfect for tucking away in tight spots. Place it on a patio or windowsill, or even better, pair it with other string-like plants for an added touch of whimsy.

As it requires bright, indirect light and a moist, but not too soggy, soil to thrive, it’s an easy plant to care for, especially if you’re new to gardening. So go ahead, bring some sunshine into your life with this captivating Peperomia prostrata.

🔗Classic Variegata Spider Plant in a 6in Hanging Basket


As a lover of greenery, I was excited to try out this Element by Altman hanging basket Spider plant. The 6-inch hanging basket came pre-rooted, making the setup process a breeze. The plant arrived vibrant and healthy, with its green-and-white cascading foliage already forming a lush display.

The most impressive aspect of this product had to be its adaptability to different lighting conditions. Whether placed in a bright, indirect light or a spot with only an hour or two of direct sunlight, the plant thrived without any issues. The spider plant’s graceful arching foliage not only added a touch of elegance to any space but also made it a great conversation starter among visitors.

One thing that stood out was its low maintenance nature. Even with my busy schedule, I didn’t have to worry about watering the plant daily, as it could survive with just one weekly watering. The plant’s preference for well-draining soil made it super easy for me to care for, even with my limited gardening experience.

However, I did notice that the plant preferred moderate humidity levels, which might be a slight concern for those living in drier areas. Additionally, while the plant was safe for pets, I found that the cascading foliage could be a bit of a trip hazard for small pets, so it’s best to place it in a spot where it won’t cause any trouble.

Overall, the Element by Altman hanging basket Spider plant made a lovely addition to my home, providing a touch of nature and grace with its low maintenance requirements and adaptable nature.

🔗Decorative Peperomia Prostrata for Low Light Hanging Plants


I recently added the String of Hearts/Turtles/Peace Sign/Cross to my plant collection, and I’m glad I did. This little vine is perfect for adding some unique greenery to any indoor space.

One of the features I love about this plant is its versatility. It can be grown indoors or outdoors, making it a great addition to terrariums, fairy gardens, or as a house plant. Plus, it’s hardy in zones 9–11, so you can even grow it outdoors if you live in a warm climate.

The leaves on the String of Hearts/Turtles/Peace Sign/Cross have a striking resemblance to coins, and some of them even have markings that look just like a peace sign. This feature makes it even more special and adds a unique touch to any space.

One thing to note is that this plant requires moderate watering, so make sure not to overwater it. Also, it prefers bright, indirect light, so place it near a window with filtered sunlight.

Overall, the String of Hearts/Turtles/Peace Sign/Cross is an easy-to-grow, versatile plant that adds a unique touch to any indoor or outdoor space. Just make sure to provide it with the right care, and it will reward you with beautiful, coin-like leaves.

🔗Silver Lady Scindapsus Plant: Stunning Hanging Trailing Exotic Greenery


The Scindapsus Silver Lady, a stunning addition to any home, boasts beautiful silver and green leaves that truly stand out. As it matures, this plant will trail, making it an excellent hanging option. However, I must say that the plant arrived with soaking wet soil, which was a bit concerning. I had to re-pot it for fear of root rot, and it took a few days to dry out completely.

On the plus side, the plant has been thriving under the recommended care instructions. Well-placed bright indirect light, moderate watering, and proper repotting have all contributed to the Silver Lady’s growth and happiness. I’m glad to have made this purchase, and I look forward to watching it trail and trail.

Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to our guide for selecting the perfect low light hanging plants! In this section, we’ll discuss the crucial features to consider and general advice on caring for these plants. Remember, no specific product picks or external resources are included in this guide.


Important Features

When selecting low light hanging plants, consider the following features to ensure your plants thrive:

  1. Light requirements: Choose plants that tolerate low light conditions. 2) Watering needs: Some plants require more frequent watering than others, so consider this when making your selection. 3) Size: Consider the mature size of the plant, as well as its growth rate, to ensure it stays within your desired dimensions. 4) Maintenance: Low-maintenance plants are ideal for busy homeowners. Look for plants that are easy to care for and don’t require frequent pruning or fussing.

Where to Hang

Low light hanging plants can be hung almost anywhere, but a few factors should be considered. 1) Height: Hang them at a height that doesn’t obstruct windows or doorways. 2) Placement: Choose a location with indirect sunlight or one that provides the necessary levels of low light for your chosen plants. 3) Space: Ensure there’s enough room for air circulation to prevent mold and mildew growth. 4) Materials: Choose a hanging system that complements your decor and can support the weight of your plants.


General Advice

Here are some general tips to help your low light hanging plants thrive:

  1. Fertilize regularly: Regularly fertilize your plants to promote healthy growth. 2) Prune regularly: Prune your plants to maintain their shape and encourage new growth. 3) Maintain humidity: Low light plants often require higher humidity levels, so consider using a humidifier or misting your plants regularly. 4) Pest control: Keep an eye out for pests and treat them promptly to avoid problems.

Congratulations! With the information provided in this guide, you’re now equipped to choose the perfect low light hanging plants and care for them properly. Happy hanging! (Here, you can insert any additional resources or information you deem necessary within the HTML format. ) 🌿🏠



What types of plants can thrive in low light conditions and be used for hanging?

Pothos and ZZ plants are excellent low-light hanging plants. They are fast-growing, easy to care for, and contribute to a lush and greenery indoor atmosphere. Moreover, both these plants are non-toxic and do well with infrequent watering, making them perfect for beginners. Additionally, they are adaptable to various temperatures and humidity levels, making them a versatile choice for hanging.

If you are looking for something more unusual and colorful, consider Boston ferns or heart-shaped calatheas. These plants require slightly more care, as they prefer high humidity and indirect light. However, their unique appearance and air-purifying properties make them an interesting choice for a hanging plant.

Are hanging plants suitable for smaller spaces?

Yes, hanging plants are perfect for smaller spaces. They save floor space and take advantage of vertical areas, making them ideal for apartments and offices with limited room. Furthermore, you can hang multiple plants to create a lush and green vertical garden that will not only freshen the air but also add a touch of nature to your living or workspace.

Always ensure the plant pot is suitable for hanging and has a secure hook or attachment. Consider using a macrame hanger or a hanging planter basket to provide additional support and help the plant maintain its position. Ensure that the hanging plant is not obstructing any light sources or causing damage to the ceiling. Remember to water and care for your hanging plants according to the specific requirements of the chosen species.


What is the best way to hang a plant indoors?

Hanging a plant indoors is quite convenient, and there are various methods to do so. Here are a few ways to hang plants indoors: using a hanging planter basket, macrame hanger, or a ceiling hook. Choose a hanging planter basket that complements the plant’s color and style, and make sure it is securely attached to the ceiling or a sturdy structure.

If you prefer a more handcrafted approach, a macrame hanger is a great option. It allows you to showcase your plant while adding a unique artistic touch to your interior. You can create a macrame hanger yourself or purchase one from various stores that offer different designs. Always ensure the string or rope used for hanging is strong and secured to prevent accidents, especially if the plant is heavy or has sharp leaves.

What are the benefits of adding hanging plants to your living or workspace?

Hanging plants have a number of benefits for your indoor environment. They not only add natural beauty and fresh greenery but also increase humidity levels, which can have a positive impact on your overall health. The presence of plants can also help in reducing stress, providing a calming and relaxing ambiance. Furthermore, plants help in filtering indoor air, removing toxins and improving air quality, which can help alleviate allergies and promote better respiratory health.

Additionally, hanging plants improve mental well-being by providing a connection to nature and promoting a sense of calmness. They also serve as a natural sound barrier, helping to muffle noise and creating a more peaceful environment. Overall, adding hanging plants to your living or workspace can enhance your space both visually and physically.


Are there any plants that should not be hung?

If you have pets or young children, it is essential to be cautious when selecting hanging plants. Some plants are toxic and can cause harm if ingested or come into contact with skin. Avoid hanging plants like the Pothos, Calathea, and Boston Fern, as they are known to cause irritation and discomfort if ingested by humans or pets.

Instead, consider hanging plants that are safe for both humans and pets, such as Snake plants, Jade plants, or Cast iron plant. They are not only non-toxic but also easy to care for and thrive well in low light conditions, making them a great choice for hanging indoors. Be sure to research the plant’s safety before hanging it to ensure it is a safe and healthy choice for your indoor environment.

How often should I water my hanging plant?

Watering frequency depends on the specific plant species, soil type, temperature, and humidity levels in the room. However, as a general rule, hanging plants usually require watering every 7–14 days. If you are unsure about the watering frequency, it is always a good idea to check the plant’s soil. It is best to wait until the top layer of the soil feels dry before watering the plant again. Over-watering can lead to root rot, which is dangerous to the plant’s health.

Always remember that under-watering a plant is better than over-watering it. To ensure the optimal health of your hanging plant, make sure it is getting the right amount of water and care. Keep an eye on the leaves and stems — wilting, yellowing, or drooping leaves could indicate that the plant is not getting enough water, attention, or light.

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